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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


i received a really heartwarming email today, about being grateful for watever that we have now, compared to what other unfortunates out there are experiencing. I dunno, maybe the hormones still lingering around the system, but it nearly teared me off...looking at those pics of those children in africa,middle east,etc.then it also triggerred me how i've been really impatient with my kids n scold them off once or twice when there are thousands if not millions out there trying their hearts out to have a child(that, includes my dear brother, may Allah bless him n his wife with a zuriat one of these days, ameen). i feel awful. i feel like wanting to go to my babysitter's hse n hug my daughter n apologise again n again for being such an impatient mummy. how could i be one?she's just a kid..just bcos she's been crying non-stop i got freakish mad!what the heck was i thnkg?i'm not a good mummy..i try to be..but i thnk i failed..i dunno. too much pressure?from work?2 kids at home?crying for attention?while hubby's out making some xtra cash for the family?i dunno..i'm wishing n praying hard that god gives my PATIENCE, which i'm really lacking off. i should always remind myself to thank GOd for giving me such beautiful kids. time is hard, we all know, but me n hubby are doing all we can to survive. geez..our hse will b ready next yr insya-Allah so again, money has to be in the picture. so when hard times like this hit us, i'm just grateful to having syahzad's n dina's faces to look at as for sure, all the drowsiness, unhappiness seems to vanish..sorry kids..ibu love u lots!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

nak alik!!!!

hehe..that was his fave phrase for that 3 days we were in the hospital. yup, he was hospitalised.y? not bcos he's sick or wat..well..yah, he's sick, but not that out-patient kinda sickness..he has oral problem..teethy prob!!his teeth are like "berkarat" and one actually chipped!maybe bcos jatuh mane2 went to the dentist at my house area but she said she can't do much there bcos my son's still small. he will definitely mengamok2 n buas on that chair so the dentist suggested to do the teeth thingy under GA - general anaesthetic(did i get the spelling rite?). So whether the doctor wanted to extract the teeth or only to tampal, x kesah la since the boy will be pengsan after all!i was on for it, even tho most of the ppl around me were saying things like "kesian la die, kecik lagi..x payah la cabut"...but the thing is, HE was the one who kept complaining "akit igi!".. and crying at nite..lagi kesian rite if i dun do anything?his appetite also was disrupted bcos of dis. so i took my usual action la towards dis unwanted remarks from other ppl "LANTAK DORANG LA".b4 the teeth become worse, might as well i do something about it.
so off we went to SJMC (since i'm covered there) and did the surgery there. to tell u the truth i wasn't scared or worried at all about the surgery, but more on the issue of putting him to sleep since he sleeps in a buai..n hey, where the hell can i find a buai at the hospital?! that was my challenge when i was there..but thank god, it wasn't that bad. they had tv in the ward, so while watching rolie olie polie or pikapong or watnots, he managed to fall asleep.hehe..aa..another thing is that, the ward where he was warded is not paeds ward since that area is under renovation. so we had to checked in in a adult ward - surgery ward. since that's the case, there's no playing area just imagine how bored WE wat did we do on our free time? pegi 7-11 nearby, naik turun bridge from tower 1 to tower 2, lepak at visitor's lounge n kacau all the visitors there, mengorat the nurses (this, my son did la..not me!hehe).hmm, the roomie was another 2 yr ol who has been having fever for about a week but not dengue la. was being friendly with the abg next bed..ehhe. so when the boy checked out the next day my son was really sad..hee..nway, he's ok are some pics..some sad, boring moments in the ward n one happy moment after discharged, with new helmet bought by abi!hehe..

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

3 mths' nk balas dendam la ni..

wat...3 mths since i last blogged??!been really bz..hectic schedule..but hey, that showed that i WAS doing my job and i HAVE no excuse of not giving me EXCELLENT for my coming appraisal( use of emphasising on this..not like my superior is reading this anyway..)

nway, like i said..the last 3 mths had been really hectic..we issued our last and final offer of employees' share since this is the last offer, we had to triple-check that everything's in order so that no mishaps..apart from that, we..or rather I had to organise this function for our employees' kid who achieved straight As for UPSR, PMR and THAT ..i'd like to talk about..

i thnk this is only the 2nd time i had to organise a function, but i thnk this is my 1st big-budget function..acheche..big budget la kan..mcm buat movie lak..nway,when i say I had to organise..i mean i, me, myself..ALONE..especially the earlier parts. all the dirty works tu la..calling,administering,letters,cheques,certs...i was soooo stressed out! this is bcos my other team-mates were all tight up with their i ended up doing it alone.but during the function day itself, i've got some help..and guess wat? it went VERY VERY WELL! my bosses love it..said it was very good..even though with the last minute changes by our dear CEO, managed to pull it thru still..phew!the thing is, i dun give a damn bout the praises..i just wanna let it out from my chest n my head..janji function jln..even if it didn't go well pun, i'd still b jumping up n down, bcos at least dah abih!!so that i can be lega!!it's just a bonus for me that it went well and double-bonus for me that it got praised as thanks to all those who helped me out during the function n made it a very smooth criminal kinda thing...kihkih..

learnt a lot when organising this thing..i'm into video producing now..hehe..did a short documentary as part of our show for that function..went around some universities in klang valley n shoot some of our scholars..twas fun..n during the editing session, learnt a lot too..i thnk i'm goin into this kinda thing..tukar job scope la..HR Event Management..bleh tak?heheh..

breaking news..yesterday i was informed that one of my colleague, who's like 2 yrs my age and in service with the company, got promoted to him...ok..not being sarcastic, or being typical melayu here(hey..dun take it wrongly..i'm proud to be MELAYU ok?!) but i can't help feeling a bit down..not jealous, but down. y? i dunno..maybe i feel bad for other people (NOT ME ok!) yang dah kije like bertahun2 n kije terlangkup terlitup but still didnt get the deserving promotion..i me pun, after 5 yrs br nak promote to sr exec level, n dis guy was promoted at the same time as i did..n ms tu he was only in service for less than 3 yrs i thnk..tak kesah la..maybe boss die suke die..i dare to say this bcos i know that his job scope's weight is about the same as mine..even now that's y i just dun get it..but anyway, tak baik ckp mcm ni..maybe ni rezeki good for him. hope he'll do well for me, i just hope ppl..well, not ppl la..MY BOSS la..can actually see what I did! bcos i thnk i did well this year..n deserve a better rating compared to last yr...i'm not always dis haddap towards promotion n increment..but hey! i got 2 stomachas to feed any extras $$ is welcomed!! heh..

haa!! another news..geram btl..last 2 nites, my son was trying to dukung my daughter.HELLO!! 2 yr ol nak dukung 9 mth ol?!so die pun terlepas la adek die tu (which is bigger than him now!) and hamba Allah tu terkena la tepi meja! she was crying really loud as i was running towards her (when this incident happen, i was bz sweeping the mess my dear son made..all happened too fast..x sempat nak buat ape2) and when i got to her, blood was running down like hell! skali i tgk, it was really near to her eyes! mcm terbelah..i guess must have bumped the side of the table..not the bucu, but side which is quite tajam as hubby as usual went for his badminton game n not back yet. when he was back cepat2 la g klinik. doctor said definitely it'll leave a scar. u can actually jahit, but it's gonna b hard for a baby..n take a really long time. he suggested just leave it be, n it'll be almost invisible when she grows up. he said the scar can easily be ..wats de off? i dunno..i mean there's a procedure on removing..haa..dats de word..removing the scar n it's easy to do when u r big enough..hmm..kurang la 5 ribu hantaran anak aku nnt!kihkih..! hehe..mcm nk jual anak lak..nway, hv to b extra careful now..the kids are getting more hyper each it's just impossible for me to keep an eye on both of was really exhausting..with hubby out almost every nite doin some part-times, de kids are left with me..some time i pity the son, bcos he's soooo naughty dat he'll always get scolded by me..i know he only wants attention, but patience has its limits..n mine is really little..the limit i mean..after scolded him, mesti rs guilty lepas tu..but ms marah tu, mcm x ingat dunia dah!i've got to ctrl myself..i dunno how yet, but i'm trying..kekadang i just bace ayat2 quran to calm me kekadang tu mmg x tahan..pening dah..

aaa..ambek ko..3 mths punye savings of thots...nway, just to make myself visible again..oh yah..congrats to lin on ur newborn! gatal nak mengandung lg ni!!argj!!no no no..i take it back..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i'm happy, i'm groovin, i'm cheery, i'm movin...

excuse the title..i just dunno how else to describe such a crazy, looney wknd..hehe..went to kedah for a friend's wedg. ended up buying a new handphone AND new digicam..yup..u heard me rite..but i hope it's a good buy..both of the items are about Rm200 - 300 cheaper to those i found here in KL. but heck, i'm not gonna survey any further. nope, no way. nnt nyesal! since i got dis new reliable camera, here i am to share with you my bundles of dearest prince n princess..ehhe..nothing much to write actually.just to share with u peeps my kinda-happy moment here..(hey, you don't get to buy a new HP and digicam everyday ok!!!hehe..).

till then..dang, i'm happy...hehe.

Monday, February 13, 2006

stupid prawns!!

i had the worst experience ever with food last nite.i never had b4 dis. food always give me greast experience.marvellous.extravagant.but not last nite..and all bcos of dat stupid prawns..or at least i thnk it's bcos of de prawns.i guess it was, bcos dad didnt hv any prob, neither did my hubby or his brother.i was de only one who ate the it must be them!!was vomitting n purging like nobody's business man!i was actually shivering last nite!darn.everything, n i mean EVERYTHING came out!ok ok..dun want to spare u all de details. enuff said that i'm in a lousy mood today..bcos of de stupid prawns...

nway..i got stressed out dis wk. all bcos these stupids so called decision-makers(who God knows cant make a simple decision at all!!)bcos of him, all the work we've done is put to scrap. just imagine, months of dedications n hard work was put to waste just like dat!!!why? bcos he was sooooo "baik hati" to listen to other ppl's complaint..n these other ppl, were not even involve in our work!!! n he had the nerve to interfere!!n dis stupid boss of mine, as i said, so "baik hati" to listen and actually AGREED to dis keypochee's suggestions..i just dun get it..being a boss, he's supposed to protect us, his ppl and our work. but NOOO! wat he did? listen to ppl OUTSIDE from dis dept who didnt hv a clue wat we were doing...god..if only i can swear..

ok..enuff with my bad mood moment here..need to go..b4 i go overboard!n trust me, u dun wanna see me there..

Friday, January 20, 2006

like chicks who've lost its mother - direct translation tuh!!

...dat's what we're feeling at the moment. Yup, my immediate superior's last day was yesterday. Twas a really teary moment for me(..or maybe near-teary, i quickly said my goodbyes n thank u's n practically ran out from the room), for his IS..and i stress this..IS the best boss i've ever had. I would've never thought of having such a perfect boss like this. He listened to you, worked WITH you, did his part of the job well, delivered watever was expected from him, talked to you when you need him to, and the most important of all, understood you as a colleague and also as a human being. i would've never expected to encounter such a near-perfect person like him, hence the teary-eyed moment yesterday. But as the saying goes, life goes on, and i just wished him all the best in his future endeavours.
as for me n my team here, i dunno..will there be a replacement? or will there be not?if there'll be one, will he/she be as good as our ex or better or worse?!?!will he be as brilliant as our ex or bodo-sombong nak mampos?!(sorry for de languange, but it happened..there are such ppl around.believe me..)most important of all, will he/she be as understanding as our ex or not??i need the understanding part so much since my "domestic issues" would require that..hehe..having 2 kids n having no maid is something that's crucial in my domestic issues, so if the new boss can't tolerate these issues, then i'll be in hot soup.totally hot,boiling thing i missed bout him is this understanding part. Not all bosses can tolerate such issues, but he can and i just owed a lot to him on that bcos for me, family is my utmost priority and nothing can change that.not even my new if dis new boss can't tolerate that, guess there's no other options for me than to seek new ventures..hehe..sape nak ambek aku pun!!berangan!!

-dis was supposed to b published last mth..hehe..tersilap tekan save instead of publish!hehe..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

as my soul sis said..blasah la ape2!...

hehe..guess i' ve experienced my 1st writer's block..hehe..been quiet for some time. there are reasons for that. 1stly, yes..i just dunno wat the heck am i supposed to write...2ndly, i had this terrible, n i mean really horrible high fever..i was on MC for a week(3 days MC, 2 days emergency leave, to be exact...ehhe). i was shivering,bed-ridden, vomitting all day was terrible.i rarely have a fever and that one really scares me. i prayed hard for it not to be didnt thnk so bcos the symptoms are all she said it might be normal fever, just that it's a lil bit more serious than normal high fever.HELLO!wats so NORMAL bout high fever??nway, wat scared me most was that..i was vomitting!!!!ello, vomit only means one thing to me bcos i NEVER go around vomitting without any reason..yes, i mean "that" thing la..wat else?!?!?for goodness' sake, my daughter only turned 3 mths old on the 14th so i CANNOT hv another baby now!!!!told de doctor my worries, n she said not to worry bcos i'm not "that"(scared to say the word!!). Dun get me wrong..i love being preggie..but just not now!nway, i gradually felt better after the 5th day and m just thankful for dat for i know God just want to wash away my light sins by that...alhamdulillah..
nway,tomorrow i'm gonna go out on a date..hehe..yup!my 1st ever date with my dearest husband since we got our 1st child.hehe..hv to go n sign this agreement thingy at the lawyer's office n guess where the office is??in front of sunway pyramid!yeehar!so i had this urge of calling sunway pyramid tgv and booked 2 tickets for the promise( korean heartthrob jang dong gun in HAVE to watch it!!). maybe if we have time, we'll drop by at bowling has been ages since i last b exact, when i was 6-mth pregnant with my son..hehe..yup me went bowling then..gile..dah la perut boyot..kemaruk nak bowl lg..hehe..nway, i just cant wait for's like ur 1st date beb!hehe..heck,i might b having sleepless nite for all u know..hhuahua...honestly, i'm even more excited with this date compared to my 1st actual date when weren't married yet.i'm usually OK with words, but this time around, just dunno how to describe it.nway, i know for sure that i'm the only one feeling like this, bcos...surprise!my hubby doesnt know bout this date thingy!all he knows is dat i'm on leave tomorrow for us to go to sign the thing.hehe..if only he thinks a bit harder - y the heck do i hv to take leave to sign dat thingy which only would take bout..say..3 hours tops?!?!huahuahua..wat i'm gonna do tomorrow rite after the signing thingy i'll just say.."hey yang..look.sunway la..g sane jom..ade wayang n bowling.." n smiles charmingly..see how he can say no to that!....