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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


geez..never done this before. i mean, WRITE!!sheesh man!well, i do love to write..shared another blog with my soul sista on REAL STUFF like poems,short stories,etc..not babbles like this..hehe..nway, back to writing. As i said before, i really do love to write. BM1, English compostion and 1119 essay papers were my fave subject back when i was in school. i even had these thoughts then of becoming a writer or a language expert for that matter(mcm real!), due to this interest in writing and language. My "nodding and blurry eyes" moment would definitely be washed away during these lessons. But hey, that was like..10, 11 years ago(gosh..i'm dat old?!)The passion kinda stopped when i got into uni. And to worsen things of, ppl don't actually speak English there. Yup, u got me rite.I got snubbed by this cow-brained so-called uni student just because i said "Thank You" to this guy at the campus' cafe counter.I was in ultra shock. I mean, my jaw was actually dropped when he said to me" aik..speaking nampak". Hello, cant i even say thank you peacefully here! And that was only my 2nd day in uni(matrix year).Straight away i thought, what in the world is going to happen to me?Thank god, managed to find some friends back from school and one of them even stayed in the room next to mine. At least i can be rest assure that my english skill will not face extinction(hehe..forgive me for being so dramatic..ehe..)
Anyway, that only saved my verbal skill in english. Writing? Honestly, i've lost it.Don't know if i had it anymore(do i ever have it pun?!ehhe).I never write anything during my stay in uni(matrix 1 year and undergrad studies 3.5 years). It's a shame, honestly. But after having my 2nd child last September, things were changing. I've got this desire to write again. Actually, i've been writing this Malay novel since last year n i'm stuck on chapter 13/14 now..ehhe.actually, the time just envies me. Now with 2 children, guess it's gonna b more difficult for me to find the time.hehe..but hey, that's not an excuse rite..i mean, if i really wanna do it, i would do it rite?hehe..nway, why malay novel? Honestly, i thnk i'm better with BM when it comes to writing. But speaking?Pls, i'm a total loser when it comes to malay. Heck, i can't even say anything romantic to my hubby in BM! But i definitely win over his heart with my beautiful poems in all the cards i gave him(confirmed by my dearest hubby, an SPM BM teacher..ehhe).
Ok back to my writing. As i was saying, i'm in the middle of something now. i really hope i can publish it when i'm done with it. When?Don't know. Really don't know. I hope it won't be too long.But will ppl read it?Heck, i myself seldom read Malay novel if it's not Khadijah Hashim's or Othman Puteh's or A Samad Said's! I've got a title for it already, but i found out that there was a theatre with the same title. Will it be a problem when i actually publish my work?Forgive my ignorance, but will there be some legality issues on this matter?hehe..blur sket..ehhe.
hmm..apart from writing, i also have some ideas on screenplays. You see, some of my ideas are suitable as a novel but some are not. So i am also daydreaming of writing a screenplay on some of these ideas. But hey, god knows when this will happen!hee..maybe i can ask my cip kodok to help me out(cip kodok is our dearest afdlin shauki, for those who are not kodoks).hehe..
ok..i thnk this should b enuff for a 1st entry..gile ape nak tulih byk2?baik buat ensiklopedia terus..ensiklopedia mengarut..ok ok..truly, enough for now..untill courage finds its way again, au revoir mes amies!ehhe..excuse my english..berkarat gile siot!hehe..


Blogger Jade said...

dang!!! not bad for a first post! and my first wasn only "Hello World!"!! hahaha... welcome to the bloggers world, sis. I tell you, it's addictive. but you will have the "sindrom kemalasan melampau" season as well.. so.. all the best. ehh.. bila kita nak update blog keras tangan kita tuh? hehehe..

11:55 PM  
Blogger looneytoon said...

ur sis!hehe..i dun thnk i'll b addictive kot..ehhe..nway keras tangan kite tuh..insya-Allah..tgh gile ni..ehe..

12:22 AM  
Blogger tint_tj said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:15 AM  
Blogger tint_tj said...

toonoot..u forgot frenchy..heks..dun u remember mademoiselle..& le cachette..siott j'ai 2 spell..heks..berkaratz dh..ok dude...cya...take care..cheers..or as the frenchy revoir mon amie..*sorry terdelete yg suis tres desolee..*

10:16 AM  

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