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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

to go or not to go much of being scared huh! back 2nd time on the same day..ehhe..kemaruk la soulsista said,addictive..but no, this is not addictive la..cume melepaskan perasaan..ehhe..

ok..story is like dis. my niece got 5As for her UPSR. great huh..yah i thot so too. so i quickly called my brother and asked him whether she heard anything about her request to go to SBP(Sek berasrama penuh). I asked her before when i was back in kampung during my confinement which SBP she chose. She said 1st choice SSP(sek seri puteri, putrajaya) and 2nd is TKC(tunku kurshiah college, seremban - my ol college..ehhe..). was happy with her choice, tho a bit confuse for a while on why is tkc is her 2nd choice(her fwen went to sejuk sket la ati aku ni aa..ehhe..).Back to my bro, he was so pissed when i called him. He said he had already called our uncle who's in the Ministry of Education to help her out anyway he could. Suddenly my bro got a call from his wife saying that no need to send her to school outside terengganu yet. let her go to some SBP's in terengganu 1st. You see, my niece is unlike any other 12 yr ol.she's a bit anti-social n kinda living in her own world. she doesn't really care bout other ppl most of the time. so my sis in law was a bit worried bout this bcos living in a fully residential school, this kinda behaviour is unaccepted.So dats y she told my bro to let her go somewhere near 1st, in case anything happens(whatever that is!!).

My bro was pissed bout this bcos 1)he had already called our uncle dat time. and 2)my sis in law was really excited at 1st to send their daughter outside tganu. And to tell u the truth, i'm so in line with my bro on this. Not because he's my bro. But talking from my experience as an ex-student of a fully residential school.

I thnk this is one common problem among parents. They just underestimate their children.I dunno bout u ppl out there, but i told my bro that his daughter's prob is nothing as cronic as what his wife's imagining.He can easily advise her not to behave like that at the hostels. He can just tell her living with friends is different compared to living with her own family. He can tell her to learn to respect other people and befriend them. Be herself, but at the same time respect other ppl.Heck, they are parents, they should know wat to teach their children!so in my opinion, there's no issue at all on this.My niece is really bright, and i believe she has great potentials.What she needs now is challenge for her to enhance her capability that she might not even know of!And yet, here she is,stranded at the side of road bcos of her mother's paranoia of letting her daughter go into the real world.when i went to tkc, i thnk i wasn't the best person on earth either. being the last in the family, i thnk i was a bit pampered.but hey, i survived the most wonderful 5 years of my life so far.nthg to regret watsoever.if my niece stays in tganu i'm just afraid she'll miss the chance to extend her potential. i'm not saying schools in tganu is not good, but i thnk it's a common fact that the creme of the creme are mostly outside from the tganu schools.besides, with her academic potential, i believe she can further explore her co-curricular potentials that she might not even realise of!1 example, she speaks english fluently. i heard her spoke to some caucasian tourists when we were having family outing in one of the local hotels in tganu. she spoke fluently with full of confidence and pride, and she was only 9 at that time!!!i know this might be normal here in KL, but i tell you, NOT in tganu!!

so now, my prob : my bro wants ME..yes talk to my SIS in law and persuade her to let my niece go to the SBP outside tganu, if she gets any offer to go, that is. and i was like..ME!!why me?he said, i'm the only one in the family that has ever been educated outside tganu since secondary level.rite..nyesal aku g seremban dulu!!chet..

anyway,dat was only my 2 cents' worth. but i still believe of exploring your child's potential as deeper as you can.they might not know yet what risk to take or avoid so you as parents have to know that for have to learn to take risk in order to succeed rite?so i thnk this is the best way to teach your children to step into the world of risk-taking.she can just go first and come back later if she thnks she cant cope.but just let her go 1st and let her's a great 1st step in teaching your children about being responsible and taking responsibility of their action.If she's not ready to go to those schools, why did she request for it in the 1st place?I don't know, but i feel strongly about this because i've always believed living in a fully residential school will definitely help one to learn more..academically and non-academically.Most important thing is, you learn how to lesson you just cant get anywhere you go.. sis-in-law's number is.....


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