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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

as my soul sis said..blasah la ape2!...

hehe..guess i' ve experienced my 1st writer's block..hehe..been quiet for some time. there are reasons for that. 1stly, yes..i just dunno wat the heck am i supposed to write...2ndly, i had this terrible, n i mean really horrible high fever..i was on MC for a week(3 days MC, 2 days emergency leave, to be exact...ehhe). i was shivering,bed-ridden, vomitting all day was terrible.i rarely have a fever and that one really scares me. i prayed hard for it not to be didnt thnk so bcos the symptoms are all she said it might be normal fever, just that it's a lil bit more serious than normal high fever.HELLO!wats so NORMAL bout high fever??nway, wat scared me most was that..i was vomitting!!!!ello, vomit only means one thing to me bcos i NEVER go around vomitting without any reason..yes, i mean "that" thing la..wat else?!?!?for goodness' sake, my daughter only turned 3 mths old on the 14th so i CANNOT hv another baby now!!!!told de doctor my worries, n she said not to worry bcos i'm not "that"(scared to say the word!!). Dun get me wrong..i love being preggie..but just not now!nway, i gradually felt better after the 5th day and m just thankful for dat for i know God just want to wash away my light sins by that...alhamdulillah..
nway,tomorrow i'm gonna go out on a date..hehe..yup!my 1st ever date with my dearest husband since we got our 1st child.hehe..hv to go n sign this agreement thingy at the lawyer's office n guess where the office is??in front of sunway pyramid!yeehar!so i had this urge of calling sunway pyramid tgv and booked 2 tickets for the promise( korean heartthrob jang dong gun in HAVE to watch it!!). maybe if we have time, we'll drop by at bowling has been ages since i last b exact, when i was 6-mth pregnant with my son..hehe..yup me went bowling then..gile..dah la perut boyot..kemaruk nak bowl lg..hehe..nway, i just cant wait for's like ur 1st date beb!hehe..heck,i might b having sleepless nite for all u know..hhuahua...honestly, i'm even more excited with this date compared to my 1st actual date when weren't married yet.i'm usually OK with words, but this time around, just dunno how to describe it.nway, i know for sure that i'm the only one feeling like this, bcos...surprise!my hubby doesnt know bout this date thingy!all he knows is dat i'm on leave tomorrow for us to go to sign the thing.hehe..if only he thinks a bit harder - y the heck do i hv to take leave to sign dat thingy which only would take bout..say..3 hours tops?!?!huahuahua..wat i'm gonna do tomorrow rite after the signing thingy i'll just say.."hey yang..look.sunway la..g sane jom..ade wayang n bowling.." n smiles charmingly..see how he can say no to that!....


Blogger Jade said...

devious! I like!

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