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Friday, January 20, 2006

like chicks who've lost its mother - direct translation tuh!!

...dat's what we're feeling at the moment. Yup, my immediate superior's last day was yesterday. Twas a really teary moment for me(..or maybe near-teary, i quickly said my goodbyes n thank u's n practically ran out from the room), for his IS..and i stress this..IS the best boss i've ever had. I would've never thought of having such a perfect boss like this. He listened to you, worked WITH you, did his part of the job well, delivered watever was expected from him, talked to you when you need him to, and the most important of all, understood you as a colleague and also as a human being. i would've never expected to encounter such a near-perfect person like him, hence the teary-eyed moment yesterday. But as the saying goes, life goes on, and i just wished him all the best in his future endeavours.
as for me n my team here, i dunno..will there be a replacement? or will there be not?if there'll be one, will he/she be as good as our ex or better or worse?!?!will he be as brilliant as our ex or bodo-sombong nak mampos?!(sorry for de languange, but it happened..there are such ppl around.believe me..)most important of all, will he/she be as understanding as our ex or not??i need the understanding part so much since my "domestic issues" would require that..hehe..having 2 kids n having no maid is something that's crucial in my domestic issues, so if the new boss can't tolerate these issues, then i'll be in hot soup.totally hot,boiling thing i missed bout him is this understanding part. Not all bosses can tolerate such issues, but he can and i just owed a lot to him on that bcos for me, family is my utmost priority and nothing can change that.not even my new if dis new boss can't tolerate that, guess there's no other options for me than to seek new ventures..hehe..sape nak ambek aku pun!!berangan!!

-dis was supposed to b published last mth..hehe..tersilap tekan save instead of publish!hehe..


Blogger Jade said...

awww... sis... i think i can relate...

8:40 PM  

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