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Monday, February 13, 2006

stupid prawns!!

i had the worst experience ever with food last nite.i never had b4 dis. food always give me greast experience.marvellous.extravagant.but not last nite..and all bcos of dat stupid prawns..or at least i thnk it's bcos of de prawns.i guess it was, bcos dad didnt hv any prob, neither did my hubby or his brother.i was de only one who ate the it must be them!!was vomitting n purging like nobody's business man!i was actually shivering last nite!darn.everything, n i mean EVERYTHING came out!ok ok..dun want to spare u all de details. enuff said that i'm in a lousy mood today..bcos of de stupid prawns...

nway..i got stressed out dis wk. all bcos these stupids so called decision-makers(who God knows cant make a simple decision at all!!)bcos of him, all the work we've done is put to scrap. just imagine, months of dedications n hard work was put to waste just like dat!!!why? bcos he was sooooo "baik hati" to listen to other ppl's complaint..n these other ppl, were not even involve in our work!!! n he had the nerve to interfere!!n dis stupid boss of mine, as i said, so "baik hati" to listen and actually AGREED to dis keypochee's suggestions..i just dun get it..being a boss, he's supposed to protect us, his ppl and our work. but NOOO! wat he did? listen to ppl OUTSIDE from dis dept who didnt hv a clue wat we were doing...god..if only i can swear..

ok..enuff with my bad mood moment here..need to go..b4 i go overboard!n trust me, u dun wanna see me there..


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