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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i'm happy, i'm groovin, i'm cheery, i'm movin...

excuse the title..i just dunno how else to describe such a crazy, looney wknd..hehe..went to kedah for a friend's wedg. ended up buying a new handphone AND new digicam..yup..u heard me rite..but i hope it's a good buy..both of the items are about Rm200 - 300 cheaper to those i found here in KL. but heck, i'm not gonna survey any further. nope, no way. nnt nyesal! since i got dis new reliable camera, here i am to share with you my bundles of dearest prince n princess..ehhe..nothing much to write actually.just to share with u peeps my kinda-happy moment here..(hey, you don't get to buy a new HP and digicam everyday ok!!!hehe..).

till then..dang, i'm happy...hehe.