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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

nak alik!!!!

hehe..that was his fave phrase for that 3 days we were in the hospital. yup, he was hospitalised.y? not bcos he's sick or wat..well..yah, he's sick, but not that out-patient kinda sickness..he has oral problem..teethy prob!!his teeth are like "berkarat" and one actually chipped!maybe bcos jatuh mane2 went to the dentist at my house area but she said she can't do much there bcos my son's still small. he will definitely mengamok2 n buas on that chair so the dentist suggested to do the teeth thingy under GA - general anaesthetic(did i get the spelling rite?). So whether the doctor wanted to extract the teeth or only to tampal, x kesah la since the boy will be pengsan after all!i was on for it, even tho most of the ppl around me were saying things like "kesian la die, kecik lagi..x payah la cabut"...but the thing is, HE was the one who kept complaining "akit igi!".. and crying at nite..lagi kesian rite if i dun do anything?his appetite also was disrupted bcos of dis. so i took my usual action la towards dis unwanted remarks from other ppl "LANTAK DORANG LA".b4 the teeth become worse, might as well i do something about it.
so off we went to SJMC (since i'm covered there) and did the surgery there. to tell u the truth i wasn't scared or worried at all about the surgery, but more on the issue of putting him to sleep since he sleeps in a buai..n hey, where the hell can i find a buai at the hospital?! that was my challenge when i was there..but thank god, it wasn't that bad. they had tv in the ward, so while watching rolie olie polie or pikapong or watnots, he managed to fall asleep.hehe..aa..another thing is that, the ward where he was warded is not paeds ward since that area is under renovation. so we had to checked in in a adult ward - surgery ward. since that's the case, there's no playing area just imagine how bored WE wat did we do on our free time? pegi 7-11 nearby, naik turun bridge from tower 1 to tower 2, lepak at visitor's lounge n kacau all the visitors there, mengorat the nurses (this, my son did la..not me!hehe).hmm, the roomie was another 2 yr ol who has been having fever for about a week but not dengue la. was being friendly with the abg next bed..ehhe. so when the boy checked out the next day my son was really sad..hee..nway, he's ok are some pics..some sad, boring moments in the ward n one happy moment after discharged, with new helmet bought by abi!hehe..


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